2G Lab - podDJ - Experience true DJing on your iPad

2G Lab podDJ
Experience true DJing on your iPad


Graphic design:
Special thanks to:
  • Apple, for the high quality and inspiring iOS SDK, Xcode, and the AppStore.
  • My friends, for their support and answerings to my tough questions on physics, digital signal processing and strategies ;-).
  • @Surenix, who has been more than a highly talented designer, working on improving the ergonomy of the application and in helping me to take strategical decisions.
  • My girlfriend, and my family for their patience when I work day and night.
Included software:
  • Appirater, Copyright 2012, Arash Payan.
  • InAppSettingsKit, Copyright (c) 2009-2010: Luc Vandal (Edovia Inc), Ortwin Gentz (FutureTap GmbH), All rights reserved.
  • DIRAC Time Stretch / Pitch Shift technology licensed from The DSP Dimension. DIRAC is (c) Stephan M. Bernsee
  • PGMidi, Copyright (c) 2010-2011 Pete Goodliffe. All rights reserved.